Behaviour Testing

Also known as Behaviour Driven Development, this kind of testing tests the entire stack. For example a behavioral test may start by visiting a webpage, clicking a button, and checking that an expected string was found.

BDD is good for testing business requirements. It generally falls into 2 types, story based testing, and code-based testing. An example of story based testing would be Behat, which uses a human readable format so that clients can read the tests in plain English ( with support for other languages included ).

A major benefit of these types of tests is that the tests themselves do not need to load the WordPress PHP environment. A test site can be put up on a server, and the tests can be pointed at the test site. Tools such as Behat then run as if they were a user controlling a browser ( which is exactly how most Behat Mink tests work ). This makes it one of the easiest ways to introduce testing, and the easiest to learn first

Tools for Behaviour Testing

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