WP CLI is a command line tool maintained by numerous experienced WordPress developers and core contributors. It's similar to Drupals Drush.

Deploying a New Install

To download WordPress into a folder on the command line, use this command:

wp core download

This will download the latest version of WordPress into the current directory. Next you'll need to create your wp-config.php:

wp core config --dbname=testing --dbuser=wp --dbpass=securepswd

Finally, run the install command to set up the database:

wp core install --url="example.com" --title="Example Site" --admin_user="exampleadmin" --admin_password="changeme" --admin_email="example@example.com"

You should now have a fresh new WordPress install ready to log in to.


If you want to create a multisite install, use the wp core multisite-convert command:

wp core multisite-convert --title="My New Network" --base="example.com"

Importing Content

You may have content you want to pre-add or migrate to your new install. For this WP CLI provides the content import and export commands. These commands accept or create standard wxr files, the same format used by the WordPress export and import plugin in the admin interface.

Use this command to import:

wp import content.wxr

Use this command to export:

wp export

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